Socks – how important they are!

Here are the various sock heights and why people like them:

  • Ped/Footie – Wear these when, for whatever reason, you don’t want your cool socks to show. In footie socks, whatever you are hiding under there is certain to remain out of sight.
  • Micro Crew (short) – Made for the runner in you… or not. While the fabric on your awesome socks will just barely peek out of the top of your shoe, your precious foot will still be protected from dreaded friction.
  • Mini-Crew – Standing just a couple inches above the ankle, this pair is for the shy sock lover who is still learning how to strut their stuff in awesome socks.
  • Crew -The most common length of socks, but far from average. These cool socks hit about mid calf, which most people prefer for their day to day lives.
  • Trouser Sock – Common amongst the office and slightly more formal occasions. Both men and women wear trouser socks, which usually feature a thinner fabric and awesome graphics.
  • Knee High – For those looking for a funky twist to their fashionable outfit. Whether these socks are peeking out above tall boots or proudly worn with a pair of shorts, they are sure to be noticed.
  • Over the Knee – These pairs can be boldly worn by sock lovers who want to show off their legs, or who simply prefer scrunching their sock fabric around their knees for some fun flair.
  • Thigh High – These pairs are as tall as they are fun and daring. Because they extend up the thigh, expect some tight elastic around the top to keep them in place.
  • Tight – Pretty much a thin sock that covers half your body. From an enclosed toe all the way up to your waist, these styles are often covered in unique patterns and textures.