Quality Assurance

This promise means our products won’t fall apart after a few washes. It means they’re tested against stretching, shrinking and pilling. And the fabrics are tested to make sure colours don’t run or fade, wash after wash, after wash. Not all brands can say that.

We promise never to compromise on quality, even though we’ve lowered our everyday prices.
And just like our low prices, our Quality Promise is here to stay.




  • Well Enetrprises clothing is designed for easy care and laundering.
  • Wash tests are conducted to ensure fabric performance meets Well Enetrprises standards.
  • Care instructions are carefully considered, so you get the best from your purchase.
  • Shrinkage tests are performed on all fabrics.


  • We’re one of the only manufacturers in India to have tested over 6,000+ customers to develop a standardised fit across men, women and Kids Socks.
  • Our sizing is consistent across our in-house brands, so a size 12 is the same in Well Enetrprises Collections, Relax Socks and Cotton League.
  • Most of our fabrics have stretch properties, making the clothing less restrictive.


  • Fabric weave is tested for durability using a special tear strength machine so you know it’s made to last.
  • Fabric finish has been improved to enhance look and feel.


  • Our fabrics are tested for colour fastness to light. Fabrics are exposed to an artificial daylight light source, equivalent to 6 weeks continual daylight, to ensure the level of fading meets our standards.
  • Fabric test swatches are sandwiched between undyed adjacent fabrics, washed following the care instructions, and any shade loss or cross staining is measured to make sure they meet our standards.


  • Our products are rigorously tested to meet relevant Indian and International safety standards.
  • Products are tested in accredited laboratories to ensure testing to the highest standards.
  • Our products meet all mandatory Indian Safety requirements.